Disrupts the energy storage industry, by introducing an instant charging, sustainable, safe, recyclable and affordable energy cells for energy distribution applications.

The world is witnessing an electric energy revolution for mobility and stationary applications.

Moving away from fossil fuels due to sustainability, safety, and limited supply turning to cleaner electric energy.

Current Li-Ion batteries solution facing energy availability, safety, resource, and cost limitations. Cobalt lithium and graphite scarcity hinder reaching an affordable price point in the near future. No surprise the world is in search of a sustainable, available, and cheaper solution for energy distribution for the mobility segment among other applications.

EEXION invented a disruptive energy storage technology “Energize-N’-Go” cells that overcome those limitations with an ample of added values that help the efficiency and sustainability of the developing E-Mobility market. 

EEXIONS Energize-N’-Go cell technology charges in minutes, making an electric gas station concept for e-mobility feasible, safe to go around our cities, fully recyclable, and have a very long life span.

our innovation is based on pure Carbon, a highly available and green resource.

“Energize-N’-Go “provides instant energy when needed, recharges in minutes, and ready to go...


Our Technology

Energize N’ Go is a deep tech chemical innovation, based on a chemically manipulated super-capacitor technology that charges up to 100 times faster than rechargeable batteries with a practically infinite number of charge-discharge cycles.

While supercapacitors are used widely for regenerative breaking in cars, buses, trains cranes and elevators EEXION'S patentable process and materials technology achieves the range, availability, safety, cost and sustainability required for e-mobility

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"Our technology is green sustainable nonflammable and fully recyclable"



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